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Frequently asked questions

How do I get access?

By completeing your order for LIVE MMA ACTION with RUF MMA you will have full access to the evenings event live in the palm of your hand. Watch RUF MMA LIVE on any handheld devise or stream it right to your TV!

How Does My fighter get Credit for my Purchase?

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting your favorite RUF MMA atherletes and personalities! We at RUF MMA are all about the fighters and their fans just like you! Once your fighter has agreed to a fight with RUF MMA he or she will recieve a "Fighter Code" to help track their PPV Sales and in turn earn your favorite fighter some cash! If you do not enter your fighters code RUF MMA will be unable to track the data and your fighter will not get credit for your support.

Can I come see the event live and in person?

Unfortunately due to the current world contiotion and the COVID-10 virus scare, spectators will not be allowed at a LIVE RUF MMA event until further notice. RUF MMA LIVE Pay Per View is THE ONLY way to get in on the action!

How do I get involved

RUF MMA and Ringside Promotions is a grass roots, organic, NATIVE PROMOTION We are always looking for the best talent, team and partners. Please reach out to our team for more information and detailed opportunities.