HOSt a RUF Fight party at your BAR! 

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Due to the ever changing landscape of Live events and gatherings in and around Arizona we are all forced to think outside the box, get a little RUF so to speak! 

We can no longer host our fans and spectators in a live event venue setting and so we are reaching out to YOU, the local BAR & GRILL, the corner hangout, the ones doing all you can to stay afloat, provide an atmosphere and escape from the day to day! 

We are, for the first time ever, offering our LIVE STREAM of RUF 39 a closed studio Mixed Martial Arts Production, to our friends and neighbors, to our favorite local hang outs! 

While we cannot host our fans in attendance at the event itself, we trust they will be in good hands with you at your facility, getting an entirely new experience all while supporting the local business! 


Local fighters live and work right in your neighborhood. Many of our Locally based RUF MMA compeditors live and work right here in our area. They train and compete in local gyms, and support local business. These guys and gals also tend to have large followings of fans, supporters, and sponsors not to mention family and friends that all live, work, and play right here too. 

What does this mean for you? 

Say you have a location in Gilbert Az and just one competitor lives, works or trains in the general vicinity of your location.... 

And the government of our fine state is not allowing RUF MMA to bring our fans to watch the show live as we would usually do..... You know, where we get the ticket revenue, beer sales, food revenue ect and we throw one hell of a party to top it all off.

Now lets just say, a very small  fraction of 1 competitors fan base that would typically attend the RUF event, lets just say that 20-30 of his friends or family get together at your place to cheer their fighter on to victory.... 

"Oh but we do the UFC..." 

Does the UFC bring the fighters grandmomma out to your bar for a beer and a burger while she watches little johnny compete in the cage? NO....

How about his 30 beer drinking coworkers? No?


How about all his friends from the gym? From highschool?


Does the UFC Bring your people together to support your business? NO

Well we cannot let all of these people into the studio!? 

and even though they could stream and watch from the comfort of their own home, on any smart device or computer.... We truly believe that a huge majority of our fans, and theirs would rather get out and live a little. 

We are just a small town, home grown Mixed Martial Arts Promotion trying to survive a pandemic no catastrophe, threatening irreparable damage to both our lively hoods, So Join us in this First EVER RUF MMA LIVE BROADCAST EXPERIENCE!

Host RUF40 Time to RISE @ Your Bar